Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Pebble Path Cottage by Nohan

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Welcome to The Pebble Path Cottage

Lot Size: 2X2
Cost: 51 462 $
1 bedroom
1 outhouse bathroom
Nice backyard with BBQ area

Custom Content Included

-nengi65 2 Walls, Big bougainvillea + recolour, Seasons tables, Curtains, Rocks, Adirondack Diningtable & Chair,
 Flowers in a barrel-High & Low, Rugs, Flowerboxes, Bed, Mirror, Paintings
-Cameranutz II The Littlest Fairy, 1 Wall, N65-Flowerbox flower recolour, HS Awning recolour
-Susieb Seasons Chair & Table Recolour, Lounge chair Recolour, Value Seating Recolour- Chair & Love Seat
-HugeLunatic Navy Gingham Bedding
-Holy Simoly Seaside Awning
-xrax Cypress
-besen Lavender, Geranium
-SalixTree @ parsimonious Terrainpaint
-Maylin- Table lamp -recolour by -nengi65
-Maxis Gardenswing
-Plasticbox Windows

Big thanks to these wonderful Creators!

*The Recolours are added separatly in the rar file, please install them before you install the lot.*


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