Monday, September 27, 2010

Easy Pictures with Wizard of SimPe by susieb

Monday, September 27, 2010

Pictures Made Easy With Wizard of SimPE
For Nonikk who wished she could make paintings..
Well now you can..

Technophobes DON'T PANIC   this is the easiest thing in the world to do..

A few things you will need..

Microsoft Paint, or any graphics program your comfy with..

SimPe: get it HERE Agree to the disclaimer, that will take you to the download page.. there you want the Main Simpe Download Version 0 72 01c. You will also need Microsoft .NET Framework
Version 2.0 the link is on the same page above the Simpe download..

Run the Simpe Setup following the on screen instructions, it will probably be relocated to your All Programs file, find it and click on it..

You will see the main SimPe and Wizard of SimPe, that's the one you need, ( for ease of uses, I create a shortcut of the application and move it to the Desk top, but that's up to you)

One more thing you might want to do, create a folder in My Pictures for your SimPe recolours..

This is Wizard of SimPe..

A couple more things then you can start having fun.. At the bottom of the page you will see options, click on it..

Do a system check, this will make sure everything is where it should be.. you may find that you do not have the Nividia DDS Utilities.. Click on the link and go get it.. once that is installed your good to go..

1: Click Recolors on the front page and all the game items will start to load, this can take some time, so be patient..

2: I have picked the Daisy picture for this tutorial.. click the vase of flowers for the Deco stuff and scroll to find the picture..

3: Click Next.. sometimes this will happen..

Don't worry, it could still be there.. hit the Back button and the item/picture might appear..

4: Highlight the image and click Export..

5: Making sure that your export is being saved to the folder for your SimPE recolours, give the file a name and save..

6: DO NOT CLOSE SimPE   Open MS Paint.. Click File Open, and locate and open your saved image..

7: In MS Paint click Edit Paste From this will take you to your picture files, choose the one you want.. Try to choose an image close to the size of the picture, nothing looks worse than an over stretched or squashed picture..

As you can see by the white area the first image was far too big, but the second only needed a small adjustment to make it fit..

8: once you are happy that the image fits correctly over the picture, click anywhere to set it, then adjust the white area to fit around the whole Painting..
DO NOT leave the white area showing around the picture....

9: File Save

10: Back in the Wizard of SimPE, highlight the image again and click Import..

Again you will be taken to your SimPE recolour folder, find your new image and click on it..

11: If the image doesn't load, click anywhere in the white area to bring it up..

12: Click Next, and give your new creation a name, if you intend to share, add your name to it so people can give credit..

Click Finish.. your recolour is saved.... Job done.....

13: Last but most important.....

Remember that your new picture will not show as a new item in the catalogue.. It will be behind the Daisy Picture...

Thanks for looking


Simsstories said... [Reply to comment]

Thanks! A LOT! And now I do miss the smiley opportunity. Lots of hugs and what else nice you can think of. :)

Romy said... [Reply to comment]

very nice tutorial!! I hope to check it out one day! -)

:)) ;)) ;;) :D ;) :p :(( :) :( :X =(( :-o :-/ :-* :| 8-} :)] ~x( :-t b-( :-L x( =))

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