Saturday, September 25, 2010

Beach Lot Apartments by susieb

Saturday, September 25, 2010
Placing Apartments on Beach Lots in Sims 2
by susieb

Beach Lot Apartments

Well like me I guess most of you thought that Apartments could not be built on a Beach Lot,
and until last week I had never tried.
But if you are willing to put up with one teeny tiny glitch, you can have that dream apartment on the beach..  

1: Place a Beach Lot where you want it, and build your apartment.

This is my Test Lot

2: Remember all AL rules apply..
- Apartments must have an AL door
- Rear of the property to be fenced in
- Exterior furnishings must be placed before Zone Change

3: Save and exit to the neighborhood
4: Open the cheat window (Ctrl-shift-C) and type the cheat
TestingCheatsEnabled true
5: Return to the lot and change the Zone, Open the cheat window and type
ChangeLotZoning Apartmentbase
you should see the mail box change to an AL mail box.

6: Save and exit to the neighborhood, Open the cheat window (Ctrl-shift-C) and type the cheat
TeatingCheatsEnabled false
7: Move your family in, and this will happen

The Road Distorts

And the sea floats

Don't worry.. Here comes the technical bit so pay attention   

8: Save out to the neighborhood, and using the Move or Rotate Lot tool Pick your Lot up,
and put it down again.. Simple.

9: Return to your lot and all will be well again.

This has been tested by myself and CII, and it really does work. 
Just be aware that this will happen each time you move a familyin.
So save out pick it up and put it down again, and all will be back to normal.


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