Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Abandoned Cotton Mill by susieb

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Drifter Pat had seen the Old Mill years ago, but today as the train slowed for the Glenby viaduct, he decided
he was getting too old to ride the rails. He and his dog Scruffy hopped off the goods train and entered the old building, "lots to do here old boy" he said to Scruffy " off with ya now, get them rats"..
The roof was surprisingly sound, but the windows were another matter. He salvaged what good panes there were, to repair the ones in the mill managers office and private bathroom, then boarded over the rest, with floor boards striped from the upper floor. Before long the old place if not homely, was weather tight..

The people of Glenby Dale at first suspicious of this homeless drifter, soon came to realise what an asset Pat, and his odd jobbing handyman skills would be to the community.. Unlike the professionals that came when they felt like it, and charged the earth for doing nothing,  Pat did the job quickly and with no fuss, and was happy with a couple of Simoleons and a square meal for him and Scruffy..

Time has past, and Pat has acquired several pieces of furniture, mostly donated.. Winter is coming and the Old Mill is now a cosy and comfortable home...

Lot size 3X3  Cost  55,464

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