Sunday, April 8, 2012

How to Remove Additional World Objects Without Using the World Editor

Sunday, April 8, 2012
Quick tips to show you how to remove some of those annoying objects!

A couple of tips for those of you that find there are too many street lights or signs in your hood and those of you that might want to add a little variety.

World objects can be deleted, cloned, reset and adjusted in either Live mode or Edit Town mode. Make sure you have "testingcheatsenabled true" active.

We'll start with the Live Mode functions.

To remove a world object such as a street light or a sign, hold down the Shift key and click on the object. You'll get the "object" option.

Click on "Object" and you get the delete option.

Click Delete and poof...the object is gone.

You can use these methods on all lights in the world while in Live Mode. Just move around town like ya normally do and pick what you want to delete.

NOTE: Not all objects can be replaced so be careful what you delete![/u][/b] Street lights can be cloned from another but they can only be placed on lots and not in the world itself.

You can also set the colour of all the street lights in town or opt to turn them off.

Just click on a street light (don't need to hold Shift) and the options will appear to Set Color or Turn Off/On

You will have the option to turn on/off or change color of just that one light or all lights. Just think how cool your world will look with all purple lights!  :giggle:

If you want more options for you street lights, go to Edit Town and enter a lot in build mode.

Press & hold Shift + Ctrl then click on the nearest street light.

You then have the options to Turn Off/On, Set Color, Clone, Delete, Reset, Set Intensity, Toggle Black Light and Add Triggers & Behaviors.

Lights that are cloned can ONLY be placed on lots. You can't plop them down in the world to replace the ones you may have deleted by mistake!


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