Sunday, September 26, 2010

Paradise Hotel by Cameranutz II

Sunday, September 26, 2010

4x6 Beachfront Hotel
4 rooms (2 doubles,2 singles)
Beachside Food Stand
Grill Area
Hack Free

- The lot needs to be placed in a vacation 'hood in order to visit!

There is a folder in the rar with the EA recolours and the MASTER MESH for the Windows/Doors. Place in your downloads folder before installing the lot otherwise the objects will not show correctly in the lot!


CC Included

nengi65:Walls,Rocks (new set),Shrub,EA Reception Desk RC
Me_Cameranutz II:EA Bedding & Mirror RCs,Terrain Paint,Wall
Atavera:Neon Signs
Holy Simoly:Awnings/RCs,Siding
Kate:Eponymous Garden Columbine (old set)
Lethe_S:Clump of Grass
Numenor:Extracted CAS MicroSpot,Deck Stairs (RC by nengi65)
olemantiker :"Mediterran" Windows/Doors  Get the Mesh

Thank You to the Creators! 

Credits for above photo:Paradise Island Lighthouse by Nohan


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