Sunday, September 26, 2010

McGreggor Mill Lofts by Cameranutz II

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The old McGreggor Saw Mill sat vacant for many years. It's walls were crumbling, windows were broken out by vandals and over time it became occupied by all kinds of unsavory characters. After years of visits by the Sims Crossing police, the Mayor and Residents had had enough. The time had come to clear out the riff raff! Hundreds of thousands of Simoleons were spent on it's restoration. Today, the old building is home to law abiding, hard working citizens of Sims Crossing that enjoy a good life!


3x2 Apartment Lot
Rent = $1,011 - $1.330
4 Loft Apartments (2 "High End Living", 2 "Low End Living")
Fully Furnished
Laundry Room
Internet Cafe
Game Room
Pool/BBQ Area
Hack Free
Play Tested

- To rent the apartments "furnished", enable the boolprop testingcheatsenabled true cheat in "Neighborhood View", hold the "Shift" key once you enter the lot, select an apartment door and choose "Rent Furnished" option.

CC Included

nengi65:Darkened Brick wall,Japanese Maple tree,Contempo Living Lounge, Maxis "Two Dogs and an Olive" painting "Skyline" RC
Me_Cameranutz II:Recolours=:Washer/Dryer,Maxis Pot Rack,Kitchen Utensils
Ailias:Paper Moon ceiling light
Atavera:Double/Single floor mattress,Neon signs
Lucas @ Aussie Topenders:Big Blinds,Bali Pond (with permission)
annevs:Heineken Beer objects
buggybooz:Kitchen Basic set
blackypanther:Dollphin sculpture
Manuela10669:Kitchen Utensil set
CTNutmegger:Laundry set, Commercial Washer/Dryer
Dr Pixel:Juke Box
fway:Gearhead Matching Windows
HystericalParoxysm:Liberated Plastic Daisies/Poppies
Havelock:LYRA Pendant Lamp Shade (extracted Maxis object)
momma"b": Large Town Clock
Komasutra:Poor Man's Living Room lamp
Numenor:CAS Micro Spot (extracted Maxis object)
LyricLee:Pool walls
HChangeri:Newspaper Boxes
Kate:Eponymous Garden Flax (old set)

Thank You to all the Creators!


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