Sunday, September 26, 2010

Brunswick Cove by Cameranutz II

Sunday, September 26, 2010


3x4 Residential Lot
Beach Front
2 Bedrooms
2 Baths
Wrap Around Deck
Pet Friendly
Solar Energy (Sims earn money!)
Play Tested

There is a folder in the rar with the EA RCs and Master Meshes for some objects. You MUST put them in your DL folder before installing the lot...If you don't the EA default objects will appear!

CC Included

nengi65: Rocks (new set), Mirror, paintings, shades, rugs, curtains,
Me_Cameranutz II: Curtains, rocks, fairy, terrain paint, walls/siding, painting/shades RCs, EA RCs
buggybooz: Jumbo Grass
CTNutmegger: Upper cabinets
dgandy: Gable vent
Engelchen: Roof recolour
Jonesi: Shrub
roddyaleixo: Invisible driveway
Svealyn: Sailboat deco
Holy Simoly: Awning (RC by Me)
justmoi: Majestic Appeal painting (Painting RC by Me, Frame RC by nengi65)
Numenor: Deck stairs (RC by nengi65)
olemantiker : The Breeze door
plasticbox: Windows, plant
Reyn: Lattice

Beach Lot by Mutantbunny
** This lot contains Hacks that control wave action. You may remove them in CI, but it is recommended that you install them. **

Thank You to all the Creators!


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